الثلاثاء, 27 تشرين الثاني, 2018

د. أحمد مرعي ضيف سيريا تايمز

Syrian MP: Jordanian MPs’ visit to Damascus paves the way to rebuild good bilateral relations

Syrian Member of Parliament Dr. Ahmad Merei has made it clear that the four-day visit paid last week by Jordanian parliamentary delegation to Syria aims at paving the way to rebuild good relations with Damascus after more than 7 years of Jordan’s involvement in the war on Syria.
“The visit comes after Jordan has realized that there is a conspiracy against it, especially after the overt normalization of relations between the Zionist entity [Israel] and Gulf states,” the MP told the Syriatimes e-newspaper.
He added that Amman needs to form new coalitions in the region in order to avoid turning Jordan into alternative homeland for Palestinian people and to foil the US president Donald Trump’s deal of the century. 
 “Jordan needs to form coalitions with Syria, Iran and Russia, which reject the deal of the century, in order to foil the deal and not to play the role to be imposed by the United States and Gulf states on Amman,” Dr. Merei said, asserting that the Jordanian MPs’ recent visit to Syria was approved by the King of Jordan and the Jordanian government as well.
The parliamentarian indicated that the Syrian side suggested during discussions with the Jordanian side to form a brotherly parliamentary committee between the two countries.
“Actually, there are many steps that must be taken by the Jordanian side to rebuild good relations. Among these steps is resolving the issue of terrorists fled from Tloul al-Safa area [in Sweida countryside, south of Syria] towards Jordan after the Syrian army units liberated this area,” the MP stated, affirming that the Jordanian delegation vowed to tackle this matter with concerned parties in Amman.
The delegation, in addition, discussed with several Syrian Officials issues related to electricity, tourism and how to improve the work at Nasib border crossing.
“Working hours at the Nasib crossing have been extended to be 9 hours instead of 7 hours a day to increase commercial exchange between Syria and Jordan ,” Dr. Merei said.
He stressed that the Jordanian delegation’s members were surprised by the normal life in Syria after more than 7 years of war.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour