الثلاثاء, 20 شباط, 2018

آلان بكر ضيف سيريا تايمز

The Syrian Member of Parliament Alan Bakr has underscored that the entry of popular forces to Afrin region is a clear message to the Turkish regime that a counterattack will be launched to protect Syrian people and sovereignty if the aggression is not stopped.

He told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that Afrin is a Syrian region and it will be one of the factors of reshuffling cards in ‘the equation of war on Syria’ and in Syria’s war against terrorism.

“The confrontation of the Turkish aggression which started one month ago requires the intervention of popular forces that will enter the region to help their brothers. The Syrian state’s message was clear in this regards. It will not stand idly by as Turkey carries out aggression on Syrian territory,” the MP said.

 He added that the time has not come yet for the entry of Syrian army to Afrin region.

“The Syrian government sent a letter to the United Nations about the Turkish aggression, stressing that no resolutions give member states the right to harm the sovereignty of other states or launch military operations on their territories under the pretext of preserving their national security,” Bakr said.

Erdogan’s political, military losses

He made it clear that the groups being used by the Turkish regime to carry out its aggression of Afrin region are affiliated to al-Qaeda.

“Here we can raise the following question: Is the task of these groups to protect the Turkish national security? If the local groups in Afrin are terrorists, according to Turkey, what is then the best despan style='display: none'; ion for the groups that attack Afrin with the support of the Turkish warplanes? Are those groups ‘moderate opposition’ seeking to protect the Syrian people?”

Bakr went on to say that Erdogan will never ever realize his dream and his losses will be catastrophic and any settlement he thinks that he can reach will be illusion.

“Besides his military losses, Erdogan will suffer political losses as he has supported terrorist groups in Syria and has played no role in fighting ISIS. What is the justification of his aggression which coincided with the Syrian state’s war against al-Nusra Front or the so-called al-Jabha al-Shameyeh ?” the MP said.

Historic mistake

He also pointed out that some US-backed armed Kurdish groups perpetrate historic mistake as they believe that the U.S. promises will achieve their dream of "independence". Here, we should refer to the fact that the US promises only aim to ensure the presence of US bases in Syria.

“On the other hand, these groups asked for the help of the troops of hostile state to achieve their dream of independence and this is a crime that gives the attacked state the right to respond. They displaced people in Raqqa city. I think that these groups will find themselves in a difficult situation in the near future,” the MP asserted.

Our response is by deeds

In response to the Turkish Foreign Minister’s today remark on the entry of popular forces to Afrin, Bakr said the destiny of the Turkish troops and those who ally themselves with them will be similar to the destiny of ISIS and the Israeli F-16, which was shot down by Syrian army.

“The Syrian state won't stop its military operations until terrorism is defeated. Our response is not by declarations but by deeds,” the MP said, underlining that the Syrian state will press ahead with peace talks and counterterrorism to achieve a better future for the Syrian people.

He explained to us at the beginning of the interview how the popular forces had been formed in Syria. 

“Since the start of the war on Syria, popular committees have been formed to protect areas and they have become an active power in fighting terrorism on the ground. These committees are composed of civilians, who have been trained to respect human rights and to evacuate civilians as well as to help survivals to reach safe areas.

The main base of these groups was the ‘popular army’, which was institutionally formed in Syria decades ago, and it has trained civilians to be reserve forces.

Reserve forces have become supportive of the Syrian army and they participate in the fight in accordance with the circumstances of the battles.

Interviewed by: Basma Qaddour